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İbrahim Arınç - 3 Seas Capital Partners Egypt

Having joined 3 Seas Capital Partners in 2007, İbrahim Arınç has over a decade of professional experience in mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, public offerings, convertible securities, strategic partnerships and corporate and debt restructuring areas.

Upon his graduation from Tarsus American School in 1994, Arinc received his Bachelor of Science (Hons.) degree in Business Administration with a double major in and Finance and Economics from Babson College, USA, in 1998.  Arınç completed his graduate studies at Boston College, USA and earned a M.Sc. degree in Finance in 2003.

Since 1998, İbrahim Arınç has held various positions with New York and Istanbul based securities firms and international investment banks, completing over 30 M&A transactions for strategic as well as financial clients. Arınç’s transaction expertise covers a wide spectrum of sectors including; media and entertainment, telecommunications, Internet, retail, consumer goods, food, healthcare and entertainment.