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3 Seas Capital Partners Egypt is a Merger and Acquisitions advisory firm dedicated to provide its clients with the highest, affordable quality services. 3 Seas Capital Partners Egypt is the exclusive member of International Network of M&A Partners IMAP, an exclusive global organization of leading mergers and acquisitions advisory firms.

3 Seas was established in 2009 by Mr. Khaled El Ghannam, the co-founder of Bayt El Khebra group, one of the largest groups in Egypt in the field of financial consultancy services and 3 Seas Capital Partners the Turkey's leading corporate finance house.

We support our client to find the proper investment in the proper country through structuring an accurate, detailed valuation for our client's business, we also help our clients in finding out the way to maximize the company value and reach the maturity level.

In addition to that we aim at supporting our client to find the proper partner, strategic or financial investor.

We work with established growing corporate entities to provide services that foster strategic growth and create value to our clients through helping them to realize their potentials and through acting as problems solvers with passion for excellence. We are about finding innovative solutions and building trust based relationships.

We provide integrated services through our professional staff in 3 seas and our sister companies. we prepare our clients for financial due diligence and build the most appropriate deal structure for the transaction our audit firm and our affiliate tax consultancy firm. For more information about our sister company, please visit the following websites:



Advisory excellence is our main tool in creating our own competitive advantage and thus be the partner of choice for our clients.

3Seas Egypt network contains all relevant local and international contacts needed in the respective sectors, including eligible industry managers, buyers, investors and their advisers and bankers.

Trust - based relationships 3Seas Egypt strives to develop and maintain long-term relationships with its clients to help them accomplish their current and future objectives. 3Seas Egypt is aware of the complexities and issues that clients and their companies face over time and can offer solutions which are geared to long and short-term aspirations.